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MC Cargo & Logistics is a leader in international end-to-end shipping and commerce solutions, acts to produce a long-term shipping strategy in full accordance with the organization’s activities and client requirements. The company has a customs brokerage license, specializes in providing international shipping, customs brokerage, and international commerce services in Israel and around the world, providing consulting and guidance to importers and exporters in their commerce and logistics activities.

The company is headed by Marom Chesla, who holds a BSc. From the Technion and a MSc. Cum laude in Logistics and Maritime Operations Management. Marom holds a customs brokerage certificate and has over two decades of experience in managing shipping operations, his experience allowing customers to enjoy a reliable, professional service, which provides solutions to any issue in the field of shipping, no matter how complex.

Our staff safely navigates its clients, at every turn, in order to avoid any critical mistakes throughout the supply chain. Our staff has extensive connections in the field and knows how to walk in our clients’ shoes and broadly view specific needs, finding creative solutions and negotiating with the various suppliers in Israel and around the world. The goal is to provide the client with more attractive conditions, provide peace of mind and a sense there’s someone they can count on – always.

MC Cargo views every client as a full partner in its success, and builds a comprehensive shipping strategy, which includes consulting, meetings with purchasing managers and long-term recommendations to improve service and costs over existing ones. We construct a calculation of the costs of the entire supply chain, while accurately calculating the changing needs and all the costs along the way, while saving you money and shortening delivery times.

We invite you for a consultation meeting, where we’ll examine your activities and requirements and will do everything to produce customized shipping solutions for you!

Our Solutions, Your Gain

פתרונות מדוייקים

Precise Solutions

The company tailors the exact solution to each client and builds a stable, long-term delivery strategy.

עוגן איתן


With over two decades of experience, clients enjoy stable communication and know they always have someone they can count on!



Quick response to any issue, while shortening times, improving customer service and streamlining the supply chain.

חסכון כספי


The company has close ties with ports and suppliers from all over the world, enabling clients to significantly save on costs.

Every big logistics solution starts with one small step…

You are welcome to take this step and talk to us

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