Express Shipping

MC Cargo & Logistics is with you when things need to be done urgently, offering an express door-to-door delivery via air.

שילוח אקספרס

Express Shipping service is designed to ensure continuous business activity and improve customer service.

For example, the shipment of a production machine part that must be shipped quickly to ensure continuous operations at the factory,

or a product that must be quickly delivered to the customer.

Handling Third-Party Shipments (Drop Shipments)

MC Cargo & Logistics specializes in handling third-party shipments and provides full support throughout the entire process.

This means handling freight transfer directly from the supplier to the customer anywhere in the world,

saving dual shipping costs, which is what makes it attractive in many cases.

The service includes guidance from A to Z,

from collecting the cargo via air or ocean from anywhere in the world and delivering it to a third party according to the sender’s instructions.

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Our Solutions, Your Gain

פתרונות מדוייקים

Precise Solutions

The company tailors the exact solution to each client and builds a stable, long-term delivery strategy.

עוגן איתן


With over two decades of experience, clients enjoy stable communication and know they always have someone they can count on!



Quick response to any issue, while shortening times, improving customer service and streamlining the supply chain.

חסכון כספי


The company has close ties with ports and suppliers from all over the world, enabling clients to significantly save on costs.

Every big logistics solution starts with one small step…

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