Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is considered the traditional and oldest method of transporting goods from one place to another and has been widely used throughout history.

שילוח ימי

Today, ocean freight cargo ships can carry huge freightage very safely,

but this method that takes time, sometimes days, weeks and even months.

Ocean freight is especially suitable for companies that need to transport very heavy cargo and is based on the size of the containers,

so the weight is less significant in relation to air freight.

That’s why, while the method might be slow,

it’s cheaper and more effective compared to other alternatives.

MC Cargo & Logistics has extensive connections in the field of ocean freight and offers end-to-end service in delivering a full FCL container as well as in delivering LCL partial ones.

The company has warehouses around the world,

where goods are gathered until a full container is accumulated,

greatly reducing costs for our clients.

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Precise Solutions

The company tailors the exact solution to each client and builds a stable, long-term delivery strategy.

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With over two decades of experience, clients enjoy stable communication and know they always have someone they can count on!



Quick response to any issue, while shortening times, improving customer service and streamlining the supply chain.

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The company has close ties with ports and suppliers from all over the world, enabling clients to significantly save on costs.

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