Importing From Turkey

MC Cargo & Logistics is a leader in providing end-to-end logistics solutions, accompanying importers and business owners in the import process from Turkey.

MC Cargo & Logistics is a leader in providing end-to-end logistics solutions when importing from Turkey, accompanying importers and business owners in the import process from Turkey.

The company’s goal is to produce a long-term shipping strategy for its clients, and provide a service package that includes guidance, from the concept stage, through handling import taxes, all the way to transporting and bringing the goods to the warehouses.

As part of the import process from Turkey to Israel, the company’s staff provides initial advice on the feasibility of the import and calculates, together with the customer, the costs involved in the process, in order to avoid surprises along the way.

Among other things, the company handles everything regarding the regulation involved in importing from Turkey, such as handling import taxes, transporting and hauling the goods and everything required to provide the client with peace of mind throughout the process. 

The Popularity of Importing from Turkey to Israel

We’ve heard quite a bit about importers preferring to give up imports from the Far East in favor of ones from Turkey in recent years.

One can certainly understand why:

The geographical proximity, the high frequency of flights and ships, the wide variety of products and the fact that there are no customs duties on imports from Turkey, make the process simpler in relation to imports from Eastern countries. 

Although Turkey is known for its fine agricultural produce, let’s not forget that Turkey offers a diverse industry and quality manpower, such as engineers, who know how to develop and manufacture custom-made products, including high-level prototypes for certain products.

Additionally, Turkey specializes in manufacturing products for diverse and specific industries such as aluminum, iron, fabric, footwear, clothing and fashion industries, jewelry and marble, to name a few.

All these make Turkey a real powerhouse, especially for those who want to import clothes or iron and various basic materials from Turkey. 

High Quality Products Alongside Geographical Proximity

Mega companies from around the world have realized the potential Turkey has nowadays, alongside the obvious high quality of the products, which is why importing brands from Turkey has become popular all over the world.

It’s true that you should examine each plant individually, but the goods imported from Turkey will generally be of high quality and provide a wide range of options, including tailored on-demand production.  

The geographical proximity to Israel also contributes to the interest in Turkey, since instead of waiting months for the goods to arrive from the East, imports from Turkey are much faster, given that ships and flights depart daily to Israel.

This is a great solution for importers who need goods quickly and can’t afford to wait too long. 

A Bit About Our Work Process for Importing From Turkey

MC Cargo & Logistics has extensive experience in accompanying importers and entrepreneurs interested in starting import processes from Turkey and has developed meticulous work methods,

offering a high-level of comfort and an uncompromising level of service. 

Introductory meeting 

The MC Cargo & Logistics’ team meets with you in order to get to know your core activities, requirements and the challenges we’ll face.

The staff will then perform a feasibility study and assess the costs involved, including import taxes, transportation and all costs involved in importing the goods. 

Locating suppliers/manufacturers 

Next, the staff will locate suppliers, manufacturers or factories in Turkey, emphasizing quality factories and suppliers which will be able to meet the various requirements, such as production quantities, schedules, attractive costs, etc. 

Sample Testing

In some cases, the staff will assist you in the process of bringing samples over for product testing, so that you can choose the product that’s right for you and perform a feasibility study just before ordering a large quantity.


The staff has extensive experience in conducting business activities with suppliers and manufacturers around the world, and is well acquainted with Turkish culture, so it’ll negotiate with suppliers to reduce costs and improve conditions, as per your requirements.

There for the Contract Signing Process

The staff will accompany you at the contract signing, so that you can have peace of mind and know that you have made the best deal.

Goods Release

The company is customs brokerage certified and its staff will take care of releasing the goods from customs, including handling the regulations, tax payments involved and working with a qualified customs broker – until the goods arrive at the warehouses.

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