International Commerce

MC Cargo & Logistics provides an end-to-end international commerce service, from the concept stage to importing certain products, all the way to their arrival in Israel. 

The service includes guidance, suppliers locating, negotiating and closing exclusivity agreements (if necessary).

MC-Cargo & Logistics and then provides customs brokerage as well as shipping services until the products reach the consumer.

What Does the Service Include?

  • Locating suppliers, manufacturers or factories around the world at attractive prices.
  • Product quality control.
  • Assisting in the process of bringing samples for product testing.
  • Negotiating with the supplier to reduce costs and improve conditions.
  • Accompanying the contract closing process.

Our knowledge is your long-term peace of mind!

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Our Solutions, Your Gain
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Precise Solutions

The company tailors the exact solution to each client and builds a stable, long-term delivery strategy.

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With over two decades of experience, clients enjoy stable communication and know they always have someone they can count on!



Quick response to any issue, while shortening times, improving customer service and streamlining the supply chain.

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The company has close ties with ports and suppliers from all over the world, enabling clients to significantly save on costs.

Every big logistics solution starts with one small step…

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