Importing from China to Israel

MC Cargo & Logistics specializes in accompanying importers and companies when importing from China, and provides a one-stop-shop service: From the consultation stage to examining trustworthy suppliers and all the way to handling import taxes and making sure the goods arrive in Israel.

The goal is to create a long-term importing strategy that will serve the clients’ interests, both in terms of costs and the entire supply chain process.

China is considered an import superpower, thanks in great part to its leading plants, attractive costs and logistics and regulations, which benefit importers from all over the world, and obviously their global distribution centers, including Israel. 

Other than that, the Chinese market offers a wide range of products at attractive costs, and good service on the suppliers’ end.

Minimum-hassle China to Israel import

MC Cargo & Logistics have accompanied dozens of importers in their import processes so far, and worked according to a work methodology that guarantees the importers peace of mind throughout all stages.

Get to know our process:

Introductory meeting

The MC Cargo & Logistics team will meet with you in order to understand your requirements and challenges, and will perform profitability checks and estimated costs for importing the goods from China.

Locating suppliers/manufacturers

At this stage, we’d locate suppliers in China, emphasizing quality providers and veteran factories that have good reviews, so they meet the standards.


Once the right suppliers are located, we’ll negotiate with them in order to improve the conditions.

To lower costs as much as possible.

Closing the contract

The company’s team will accompany you through the contract closing process with the suppliers in China, so you can be rest assured and conduct a long-lasting business.

Handling the incoming goods

The company handles everything that entails the goods’ arrival, including tax payment, releasing them from customs and transporting them to the warehouses, and in addition also has a customs brokerage license, so it can take care of that aspect as well.

The prominent advantages of importing from China:

  • The possibility of importing a wide range of products – China is known for its vast supply to importers around the world, from electric appliances to fashion, accessories, furniture and more.
  • Very cheap labor – a parameter that affect the products and goods’ costs, also allowing importers to compete in the local market.
  • Chinese factories and suppliers offer very good communication, alongside contacts and advanced distribution technologies. This parameter makes the import processes easier anywhere in the world, as well as in Israel.
  • Orderly import processes – allowing you to import products all over the world with minimum hassle.

We, at MC Cargo & Logistics, provide you with one-on-one guidance and consultation for building an efficient, quick and cost-efficient shipping system.

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