Logistics Planning and Consulting

Knowledge is power, we’re here to provide you with all the information so you can save on shipping costs, streamline your supply chain and improving customer service!

MC Cargo & Logistics provides you logistics planning and professional consulting on everything regarding shipping and streamlining the supply chain, for both importers and exporters.

The company has over two decades of experience in the field and has accumulated great knowledge that includes creative solutions and professional secrets that significantly streamline the shipping process, allowing significant cost and time efficiency.

Since the field of shipping is very complex it requires familiarity and knowledge, beginning from the shipping type; taxation; laws; costs; choosing the right shipping method; storing the goods; transportation and more.

Preliminary planning of these steps will allow importers and exporters to get off on the right foot and avoid difficulties and obstacles in their supply chain.

The Services Offered

  • Comprehensive consulting to beginner importers/exporters, including planning the supply chain and shipping options best fitting the nature of their products and requirements.
  • Comprehensive consulting for organizations and companies in order to save costs and improve customer service. Together we’ll build a long-term shipping strategy and create creative solutions to shorten shipping and delivery times, while redesigning the logistics operation.
  • Preliminary consulting, in collaboration with professionals in the field, regarding the various standards and customs laws, in order to meet the necessary standards and avoid violations of customs laws.
  • Consulting and constructing shipping and logistic tenders, guidance you until the winning supplier is selected.
תכנון וייעוץ לוגיסטי

How does the consulting process work?

We first examine the business activity and type of products that you want to import or export, in order to examine the products’ shipping and control methods. We then built a shipping mix, while providing professional and complete information on the import process as well as an accurate as possible calculation of the estimated costs, until the product reaches the client’s store. A business import plan is also built at this point, aiming at starting the procedure off on the right foot, with as few mistakes and difficulties along the way as possible.

Our knowledge is your long-term peace of mind!

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Precise Solutions

The company tailors the exact solution to each client and builds a stable, long-term delivery strategy.

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With over two decades of experience, clients enjoy stable communication and know they always have someone they can count on!



Quick response to any issue, while shortening times, improving customer service and streamlining the supply chain.

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The company has close ties with ports and suppliers from all over the world, enabling clients to significantly save on costs.

Every big logistics solution starts with one small step…

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