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Freight forwarding is a type of chain, with each link playing a critical role in the success of the process, as well as the final client costs. MC Cargo & Logistics understands the importance of each link in this chain and provides comprehensive guidance throughout, from the concept stage all the way to the goods being delivered.  

Below are all the options available for you in the field of freight forwarding, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The Importance of Planning the Shipping Process

First, we should explain that freight forwarding is a process that must be well planned, in order to initially reflect all the expected costs and get as accurate an estimate as possible of all steps along the way. The planning and calculation of freight forwarding is very similar to the calculation of a bill of quantities at the beginning of construction, which makes it possible to estimate the costs of materials so that the contractor can accurately price the project for the client.

This is exactly how a Logistic solutions procedure is handled by the experts of MC Cargo & Logistics, who carefully plan the entire process from the very beginning, including accurately calculating all costs. It’s important to understand that this procedure involves quite a few expenses such as the type of shipping, which we’ll discuss below; taxes; transporting the goods, payment for the container and sometimes also a crane to unload the goods. All of these need to be taken into account.

Freight forwarding Options and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

You’ll find 3 options in the field of freight forwarding: ocean, air and express shipping. Each has advantages and disadvantages, with the price obviously being the key factor. Let’s see what the conditions are for each option:

Air Freight

Air freight is considered a fast method and usually takes a few days until the goods arrive, compared to ocean freight, which takes a few weeks or more. Using this method, goods can be ordered and received within a few days, a significant advantage for companies that need to receive the goods within a few days. However, there’s one notable disadvantage, the limitations on the types of products that can be shipped via air, which should be checked in advance.


  • • Fast shipping
  • • Receiving the goods within a few days
  • • Possible shipment from almost any country
  • • Reaching more cities


  • • Weight limitations
  • • Not all goods can be air shipped
  • • More expensive compared to ocean freight

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is done using cargo ships that can carry heavy cargo very safely, but this method is considered very slow in relation to air freight. This method is especially suitable for companies that require very heavy goods, without any special urgency. Ocean freight is considered cheaper and its cost is measured by the size of the containers and less by weight, so it suits companies transporting heavy items.


  • • The ability to freight heavy items
  • • Cheap compared to other alternatives
  • • No weight limitation


  • • Longer time to destination
  • • Ports storage fees are high compared to airports
  • • Some items can’t be transported via sea
  • • Ocean freight is subject to extreme temperatures and humidity

Express Shipping

Another option is express delivery, which is considered to be the fastest, actual door-to-door delivery done via air. This service is intended for companies that urgently need certain products or items to ensure continuous business activity or improve customer service. For example, a production machine part that must be shipped quickly to ensure continuous work in the factory, or a product that should be quickly delivered to a customer.

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