Importing from China

This is How I Expended My Business.

I’ve run my business and did everything I could to be successful for years. It’s not easy to simply decide, in a country like Israel, that you want to run a business which is a store with countless products. The truth is, over the years my store went through several changes until I got to the point where I’m selling birthday supplies. I sell countless types of beautiful decorations, home designs and more, everything you need to make a birthday boy or girl happy.

ייבוא מוצרים מסין

My clients are parents who are serious about investing in the celebration of their child’s birthday, but also older people who want to celebrate each other’s fiftieth birthday. That’s why everyone who walks into my store is always amazed at the amount of products and our wide variety. After all, making a profit selling so many products isn’t simple. Years ago, I used to buy my products from an importer here in Israel, until I realized that he was actually making a handsome profit off of me.
This was when I started to think I might do things differently, because why shouldn’t I start importing all the products myself? On the one hand, it was clear to me that this was going to be a very time-consuming arrangement, but on the other hand, it was also clear to me that this was the best way to make a profit. I knew that if I managed to skip the difficulty of importing the products I needed from China, I’d be able to significantly expend my business.

Help Importing Products from Abroad

Even before I knew I wanted to import specific products from China, it was clear to me that I simply needed help. What do I know about importing products? While I know how much I’m willing and able to pay for each product when I buy it, how much I should sell for to make a profit, it’s not enough. Part of the issue of importing products, from what I knew back then, was the customs.

Imports aren’t always eventually economical, since there’s a supply chain there that can turn out to be very expensive. On the other hand, it was also clear to me that just because it was complicated, is still didn’t mean I should give up. I knew that a lot of other business owners import different types of products, such as materials and others, so I believed I could also handle it.

This was when I started looking for different companies dealing with logistics, import and export of various products and items. I read quite a few recommendations about different companies, examined the options in depth and discovered MC Cargo & Logistics. It was clear to me, from the get-go, that I was really in good hands with such a professional company.

If you ask anyone thinking of importing various items from abroad, whether from China or any other country, you’ll find that they’re afraid. How do you do that while minimizing the risk of making a mistake and spending too much money? MC Cargo & Logistics helps you with exactly that, so I knew I was going succeed big time with their help.

A One-Stop-Shop Service

Part of what I loved so much about the service offered by MC Cargo & Logistics was the fact that the company actually does everything for the client. For example, the company calculated for me and helped me conclude whether I should get into the whole import business to begin with or not. When you want to import different products, you have to pay customs and it doesn’t always turn out to be a good or worthwhile deal.

However, in my case, after calculating and detailing the entire supply chain, it turned out to be worthwhile and so I went ahead with it. The company helped me understand, not only whether or not it was worthwhile, but also managed to expedite the process for me. It’s amazing to see how many business owners fall for this very thing – they choose to import different products, but it all happens too slowly.

Contrastingly, when you have a certain company’s experts accompany the business owners throughout, the import times are also reduced, not just the prices. So, it’s clear why anyone who asks my advice on importing products, especially from China, immediately hears about MC Cargo & Logistics.

Fair Prices

It’s clear that any company that deals with import/export logistical matters charges a certain fee for their services. Furthermore, the more comprehensive the service, the more it makes sense that the price will rise accordingly. However, the experts at MC Cargo & Logistics really do everything to make the client happy and charge accordingly. In fact, when I received the quote from the company’s experts, I knew that in this sense I had also come to the right place. You can’t change the fact that you take a risk when importing products from broad.

With that being said, the risk was relatively calculated in this case, and was mostly very rewarding for me. It’s been quite a few years since the day I started importing the products I sell in my store myself. I can’t find the words to describe what a smart and important step this was for advancing my business, and I recommend it to any store or business owner in Israel.

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