Ken-Guru – Maria Rivin – Client Story

The Programmer Who Developed Educational Games for Kids and Used Import Services

It all started when Maria Rivin developed a game called “Ken Guru” to help her son study mathematics, since he had difficulty learning it. Maria, who comes from the hi-tech industry and works as a programmer, didn’t know the world of import and freight forwarding , turned to MC Cargo & Logistics, and we walked her through all stages of importing the game to Israel.

“Ken Guru” for mathematics, is the first game in a series developed by Maria, together with a remedial teacher who’s highly regarded and serves as a professor at some leading universities. The game is designed to train the abilities of kids who have difficulty learning mathematics and, among other things, give them confidence in the future. The game combines fun, using colorful cards and a different learning experience, and is offered to kids ages 5 and up, on several levels. 

According to Maria: “The process of shipping products to Israel was completely new to me. I’d made contacts with suppliers overseas so that they could develop the game for me exactly according to my prototype, and I couldn’t find a supplier that would take care of shipment-related issues.” Maria goes on to add. “At first I thought of making the shipment through a freight forwarding company, but as I contacted several companies, none of them clearly explained the process to me,” she says.

Maria happened to come across Marom Chesla, the owner of MC Cargo & Logistics, following a Google search. “I read excellent reviews on the service provided by the company and decided to turn to Marom; that’s when everything changed. I received all the necessary information, including a full explanation of the process and an evaluation of all the costs involved, which I didn’t get anywhere else,” Maria explains. 

Service Framework: from Concept to Products Arrival

As part of the guidance and freight forwarding services, MC Cargo & Logistics provides full support, from the concept stage, through feasibility testing and examination of all costs involved in the process, to handling all regulations related to importing the products. Maria, who needed a Customs broker Israel broker and all the shipping processes taken care of, received a complete service framework that included a number of options and offers, so that she could choose the most attractive offer, but also avoid additions and surprises later on. 

“When I spoke to Marom, he was really interested in my product and in me, was very informative and professional. He presented the process in an extraordinary way, which I didn’t get anywhere else. Other companies I approached presented me with the process as very complicated, but Marom simplified things and gave me a sense that anything was possible, while detailing and explaining each step. Along the way, Marom replied to any question I had and was available on WhatsApp and on the phone. I felt I had a full partner in the process,” she said when asked about the guidance process.  

Providing Professional Information to Move the Process Forward 

In addition to the support Maria received throughout the shipping process of her games, Maria enjoyed individual advice on the type of the business she needed to open in the tax authorities, diverse information that’s so important when starting a process of importing, shipping and opening a new business. “Marom gave me information that had nothing to do with shipping the products, such as what type of business I should start, and even showed initiative and inquired about the overseas supplier I chose for the production of the games, to make sure I’ve made a professional choice. Luckily, Marom called me back and said that the supplier had excellent reviews. All of that gave me a sense of security and a feeling that I was working with a human being who cared about me and my success.” 

The unique games Maria developed arrived from China to Israel via air freight, and will soon be sold on her website, social media and other places. Maria is currently working on collaborative projects with teachers and educators in the field of remedial teaching. 


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