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Relocation is a great opportunity to meet new cultures, new people, places and in most cases also new business opportunities.

Tips for Moving as Part of a Relocation to Israel

However, the process itself involves quite a few difficulties, especially the transfer of personal belongings that are very important to us and ensure that they reach the destination country safely.

The experts at MC Cargo & Logistics, specializing in moving personal belongings as part of relocation to Israel or for new immigrants, returning resident, etc.

are here to give you all the tips for a successful transition, as well as give you some information about the process.

So, if you too are in the process of relocation to Israel, it’s worth sticking around.

First, we should mention that generally moving is a long process that requires careful planning by professionals when moving from one place to another, 

especially when it comes to moving objects abroad – or vice versa, moving to Israel from another country as a returning resident or new immigrant. 

Sending personal belongings abroad requires a high level of care in terms of how to pack personal belongings, 

since they have to go through a long and tedious journey, usually via ocean in a container.

The Advantages of a freight forwarding Company When Transferring Items

Transferring the items using a freight forwarding company will ensure the transfer of your apartment content in an orderly fashion,

without any malfunctions, including taking care of all the bureaucratic matters involved in the process of the transfer.

The company will also provide you with a full breakdown of all existing shipping costs, including cost-effective planning of the most affordable transportation, for example container size, air or ocean freight and so on.

In addition, the company will professionally pack all the items.

Choose an Experienced Company

Transferring the contents of personal belongings is different from transferring regular deliveries, so it’s worth checking whether the company has specific experience in transferring personal belongings.

It’s important not to skip talking directly to the professionals in the company and get your impression of them in person…

Professional Packaging

When transferring personal belongings abroad, it’s recommended to use a company that packs all the belongings in a professional manner, in order to prevent breakage and damage to furniture. 

It’s also important to understand that there’s a difference between moving belongings within the country and transferring them in a container, and therefore the packaging should be safer and more professional. 

Also, make sure that the company that transports the items will make an orderly listing of the packaged items, including sticking labels on each carton that matches its number to the number on the packing list.

Quality Packaging Materials

It’s important to check which packaging materials the company uses, and the highest quality is obviously best. 

For example, MC Cargo & Logistics doesn’t use cheap packaging materials but only the highest quality and makes sure to match the type of packaging to the item.

In addition, the company uses bubble wrap, which creates a thick shell and protects the items.

Tips for Keeping Items Safe When Moving

Refrigerators and freezers – it’s recommended to unplug and thaw at least 2-3 days before transferring and dry them well. Also, pack the refrigerator shelves separately in order to prevent them from moving inside the refrigerator during the transport.

TVs – it’s recommended to pack the TV in its original packaging, if available; if not, it should be safely and separately packed in wooden crates, in order to keep it during the transition.

Cabinets – it’s important to mark the disassembled cabinet parts so as not to complicate their assembly abroad.

Clothing – it’s recommended to sort the clothes before the move, as you may not need all of them. For example, if it’s a cold country, perhaps get rid of most of the short clothes, to avoid clutter.

Good luck with the relocation!

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