Relocation – Vadim Aloni

The challenges of relocation and moving the contents of an entire apartment to Singapore / Client story

Relocation comes with quite a few challenges, especially when moving the entire content of your family to the destination country. MC Cargo & Logistics’ specialists saw Vadim Aloni’s family through the relocation to israel process and found creative solutions for each challenge they faced.

The four member Aloni family of Netanya decided to answer the call and move to Singapore. Vadim, who worked for AnyVision in Israel, received an offer to relocate to Singapore for a desirable position and was looking for a company that would help him transfer the contents of his apartment from Israel to the designated country.

Vadim came to us to consult on transferring the contents of their apartment and we got along great from the very beginning. He received one-on-one consultation and was offered to split the shipping, meaning some by air freight and the rest by ocean freight. The urgent contents, meant for the family’s immediate use, was suggested to be sent via air freight so it will arrive there quickly, and ease the shock of moving to a foreign country. On the other hand, the family’s less urgent items were offered to be sent via ocean freight, which is slower and cheaper.

Contents precise packaging

In order to provide Vadim with maximal comfort, a professional MC Cargo & Logistics team came to the house and orderly packed the items according to the shipment plan – air and ocean freight. In order to not get the two types of freights confused, we separated the air freight ones with a glowing yellow sticker.

Due to the urgency of the air freight, we made sure to get all the items to the airport that very same day, and pushed the Singapore freighting process, while simultaneously coordinating it with all the various factors.

Items transfer coordination:

  • Coordinating with the airline in order to reserve a spot on the flight.
  • Coordinating with Swissport security for approving the packages for freighting.
  • Promoting customs processes for imported freight.

Additionally, the MC Cargo & Logistics team was in touch with a local representative of the parallel company in Singapore, such as releasing the import on their side and transporting it to the new family home, as well as any additional actions required. The contact with the local representative allowed Vadim and his family to feel secure throughout the entire process. 

Vadim and his family’s contents were packed on November 6th and were on the plane to Singapore that very same week, landing on November 10th; it was released from customs on November 11th and was successfully transported to the client that Monday, following the local weekend, on November 14th.

Simultaneously to the air freight, the additional (less urgent) contents were sent via ocean freight, which was received about a month later at Singapore and was successfully transported to the client’s home.

Are you also in the process of Relocation? Let the experts be by your side!

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