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Everything You Need to Know About International Commerce Services

Many believe that international commerce is a simple procedure that allows goods to be easily imported from all over the world,

but this isn’t the case.

This process starts as early as the planning and strategy constructing stage,

and involves quite a few professional steps in order to ensure both time saving and the forming a solid supply chain that will allow ongoing work in the long run – without any glitches.

The experts of MC Cargo & Logistics, which provides international trade services,

are here to explain to you a little more about the process and everything you can get as part of the service.

So if you are also interested in importing a new product to Israel or expanding your business,

this article is just for you.

The Importance of Professional Guidance, from Concept Stage

Getting professional consulting from an international commerce expert allows you to get great tips,

as early as the concept stage.

For example, consulting on the nature of the product and whether it’s worth importing or not.

As part of the service, the shipping company will locate global suppliers or manufacturers for you that will allow you to import the best product,

certainly at the most attractive price.

In addition, international trade also include negotiating with suppliers,

and if necessary, closing exclusivity agreements for a certain period of time.

For example, if you want to import coffee capsules,

you probably wouldn’t want another supplier to import the same capsules, and perhaps sell at a lower price,

so you’d want to sign an exclusivity deal with the supplier.

Product quality control – the company will control the products,

for example sending a sample in order to test the quality,

or flavors in the case of food.

This stage is critical, you certainly don’t want to ‘get stuck’ with poor quality goods.

Negotiation – as part of international commerce services,

the company will negotiate with the supplier in order to reduce costs and/or improve conditions.

Agreements guidance – at this stage you will also receive close guidance,

including the assistance of an attorney who specializes in the field and can help in exchanging drafts,

until the agreement is signed with the manufacturer or supplier.

Sea or Air Freight Services

Once all stages are complete and the agreement is signed,

it’s necessary to build a shipping strategy, which will be either fast (air) or slow (ocean),

and of course estimate all costs, in order to properly price the product.

To conclude, international commerce services are essential for the success of an import,

and include quite a few steps that must be taken until the goods arrive and sold in stores,

which is why you need a strong and professional company to be by your side, all the way.

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