Relocation to Italy

Why do a relocation to Italy?

A pleasant move to life abroad.

One of the most exciting things that happened to us in life was the moment we’d decided to accept the offer to relocate to Italy.

My wife first introduced me to this idea since they gave her a one-of-a-kind offer at work,

and I admit that, at first, I had a very hard time thinking about it.

Relocation from israel to Italy.

My wife came up with this matter because she was given a special offer at work,

and I admit that at first it was very difficult for me to think about it.

Although I run my own online business,

which is why it was clear to me that I’d be able to handle the matter from beautiful Italy as well,

it was unclear to me how the children would react.

Moreover, even as I sat down and was able to imagine the kids fitting in and having fun in Italy,

it wasn’t clear to me how I was going to make the transition.

At that time, we lived in Israel in a big house with countless items and furniture we’d recently bought.

We didn’t really want to throw anything away,

sell second hand or store in a warehouse indefinitely.

So, we started thinking about logistics as well, and amazing enough,

that was the also the moment we almost gave up on the whole idea.

The thought of packing the entire house made us very tired and we had no clue on how to do it.

While it’s true that financially the burden was not on us,

since my wife’s workplace also paid for the move, it still seems like a complex undertaking.

This was when we started looking for help on the subject and discovered MC Cargo & Logistics.

Relocation to Italy – Service from Beginning to End

MC Cargo & Logistics is a company that has a lot of experience,

and this was in fact the main reason we chose it.

It was clear to us that if we turn to this professional company,

we’ll find someone who could help us all the way, and that’s exactly how it was.

First, we were very surprised and pleased to find that the company’s service also included selecting the right container and ordering it.

This is how we actually knew we could take whatever we wanted with us.

There was no question of the number of suitcases or adjustment that had to be made to the too small size of a place.

On the contrary, once the company’s professionals arrived and saw the amount of equipment we wanted to move,

they knew exactly which container to order for us.

Not only could they advise us on the matter,

but they also took care of all the logistic matters and issues.

For us, it was a very convenient service, because truth be told,

had we had to arrange it ourselves we wouldn’t really know where and how to order a suitable container;

sometimes relocation seems to be much more complicated that we think.

Beyond all that, MC Cargo & Logistics helped us a lot by having its experts take care of all the bureaucracy and paperwork vis-a-vis the port in Italy.

We decided to send our belongings to Livorno and the very fact that the experts took care of matters with the port there, made it so much easier.

Relocation Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Relocation to Italy from Israel

Resting While Moving

Another wonderful reason why MC Cargo & Logistics was the right choice for us,

was the fact that they thought of everything.

For example, without us having to say anything,

the company experts offered us cargo insurance for the contents.

For us, this meant that no matter what happened along the way,

we’d at least get a refund and compensation should, God forbid, anything went wrong.

When you pack your entire house and put it into a container,

this sort of thing is essential, so we were relaxed.

Additionally, I was personally very happy to find that part of the service includes the controlled and professional packaging of the items.

The company’s professionals even wrapped the fragile items correctly and professionally,

so it was clear to me that everything would arrive at its destination safely.

It’s hard to put into words but seeing all your most precious belongings in a container isn’t easy.

These aren’t always financially valuable items, but things that are emotionally valuable.

No one would want to find out that something happened to them along the way,

so professional packaging services are necessary.

Getting the House Ready in Italy

Finally, MC Cargo & Logistics was the right choice for us at our relocation to Italy,

because their attentive service continued in Italy as well.

The professionals unloaded the cartons for us and arranged everything in our new home in Italy,

so we felt embraced.

In fact, the service included everything, so we didn’t have to organize a thing on our own.

Just as the company’s professionals provided us with cartons for packaging in Israel,

before we set out, so they also accompanied us when unloading in Italy.

The MC Cargo & Logistics experts also consulted and helped us make the right decisions throughout.

So, if you’re thinking of moving due to work or any other reason,

it’s clear why it’d be a shame to do it on your own.

Anyone who’s had the experience of packing up their house and moving somewhere else will be able to tell you that it’s not easy.

So, why should you give it up if it’s possible to do it with the help of professionals?

Contact the experts at MC Cargo & Logistics,

as my wife and I have done, and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

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